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Zipporah Hayes epitomizes integrity, experience, and boundless talent, emerging as a beacon of "results-driven" hard work. Hailing from South Florida, her journey traverses a diverse landscape within the music, production, and film industries. As an Associate Casting Assistant under the tutelage of Casting Director Lashawnna Stanley, Zipporah has seamlessly integrated into projects for renowned entities like Warner Brothers, HBO, VMA, JLO, Lil Wayne, and Rolling Loud Music Festival, showcasing her versatile skills and adaptability.


Her prowess extends beyond casting, encompassing roles as a seasoned vocalist, Vocal Coach, and live production coordinator. Zipporah's meticulous attention to detail and innate adaptability have propelled her to collaborate on major video shoots, television shows, commercials, and music productions alongside luminaries such as DJ Khaled, Pitbull, and J-Lo. She has left an indelible mark on prestigious events like the Latin American Music Awards and the Latin Billboard Music Awards.


Community engagement is at the heart of Zipporah's endeavors. Her affiliation with the Miami Dade County African Heritage Cultural Arts Center allowed her to mentor underprivileged youth, nurturing and refining their talents through summer and after-school programs. Through her pioneering Entourage Expo artist development program, powered by Future American Music Entertainers, Zipporah continues to blaze trails in the entertainment industry.


A celebrated vocalist, Zipporah's contributions include collaborations with the Grammy-nominated Miami Mass Choir under the Direction of Pastor Marc Cooper. Presently, she lends her talents to diverse roles, serving as a member of the Caplin News team at Florida International University and as an employee of the Neighborhood Health Education Learning Program. Notably, she assumes the mantle of Choir Director for Girl Power Rocks Inc. Girls Choir of Miami, infusing her leadership with a fresh, dynamic vision for musical excellence.


"Life is unrehearsed, uncut, raw, and unpredictable, and to navigate it you have to be just as untamed & flexible," embodies Zipporah's philosophy. Amidst a landscape marred by undervaluation and moral decay, she stands as a testament to resilience and determination. Her relentless work ethic and groundbreaking strides in film, television, and show business underscore her limitless potential and indomitable spirit.


Zipporah's commitment to both her craft and her community is unwavering. She continues to give back by performing renditions of the National Anthem and Black National Anthem for major nonprofit and for-profit organizations, symbolizing the essence of liberation and unity. Her mantra, "Your past does not define your future. Be your best self. The challenge is you. You are your own competition," serves as a guiding light, inspiring others to pursue excellence.


For further information on Zipporah Hayes and her services, please refer to the provided contact details. As her journey unfolds, Zipporah remains a force to be reckoned with, embodying the boundless potential of a talented black woman shaping her era and beyond.

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