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 A woman of integrity, experience, and unrestricted talent, Zipporah Hayes is an ambassador for “results driven” hard work. Born in the “Magic City” of South Florida, Zipporah has a(n) diversified portfolio within the production and film industry. Through working as an Associate Casting Assistant for Lashawnna Stanley, she has had the opportunity to be affiliated with projects for Warner Brothers, HBO, VMA, Lil Wayne, Rolling Loud Music Festival, and more. A season vocalist, vocal coach, and live production coordinator, her skill-set for being meticulous whilst unpredictably adaptable has carried her to collaborating on video shoots, commercials, and music productions for the likes of DJ Khaled, Pit Bull, J-Lo, the Latin American Music Awards, and the Latin BillBoard Music Awards,  & more.  Zipporah Hayes is an active representative of her community as well, having been associated & worked for the Miami Dade County African Heritage Cultural Arts Center. Her time with the county allowed her to help underprivileged city youth find and refine their talents as she coached and offered artist development training during the center's summer and after school programs. Through her self developed Entourage Expo artist development program powered by her company Future American Music Entertainers, Zipporah continues to be an Entertainment Industry trailblazer of this time. At her core, this multi-talented entrepreneur is also an acclaimed vocalist that has been a part of several published productions during her time with the Grammy nominated and Stellar award winning Miami Mass Choir. “Life is unrehearsed, uncut, raw, and unpredictable, and to navigate it you have to be just as untamed & flexible”, is a motto heard and held closely in Ms. Hayes’s life. Her work and accolades only continue to grow and define the capacity of this talented black woman living in an era where undervalue and lack of moral fibers are rampant. Her work ethic and continued strides within the film, tv, and show business speaks upon her capability. Her contribution to both the industry and the world around her makes her an invaluable being who’s limitations have yet to be seen. ​For more information about Zipporah Hayes and all of her affiliations and services, please utilize the given contact information and all professional inquiries will be answered accordingly.   “Your past does not define your future. Be your best self. The challenge is you. You are your own competition.” — Zipporah Hayes

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