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A woman of integrity, full of character, and UNRESTRICTED TALENT!!! Born in the “Magic City” of Miami, Florida, her technique is “Where everything is unrehearsed, uncut, real, and raw. This vocalist uses the stage as her diary and the microphone as her pen. Anything is liable to happen when she touches the mic.” Her music is motivating, liberating, inspiring, and multicultural. It communicates to single parents, racially discriminated, about education, and promotes empowerment.

“Your past does not define your future. Be your best self. The challenge is you. You are your own competition.”

"God Bless Ya! Awesome testimony! Great production on the song, beautiful voice. Harmonies in chorus are nice. I can hear this song being performed on a national platform. Keep doing what you're doing Zipporah!

                                                             - Michelle Williams

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